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Very Sick Goldfish

Guest rjdoghouse

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Guest rjdoghouse

I could use a little advice - I have a small tank (too small for my fish - I have 5 goldfish wintering in a 5 gallon tank - all are from the pond outside, but it got too cold to leave them out as the pond is only about 30 gallons and it was freezing solid- all but one are small feeder fish) The one that is having trouble is a Sarassa Comet and it is about 3 1/2 inches or so big.

They have all been in there since October and I've done somewhat regular water changes to try to keep them as clean as I can, but they are dirty fish so it's hard to keep up. I don't have a test kit, but I am pretty sure the ammonia and nitrite levels are high - and so have been doing water changes every few days over the past couple of weeks. (10 - 40%)I bought something called AmQuel plus that is supposed to remove nitrate, nitrite and ammonia, but it works slowly over a few days. I'm using it in the little tank with extra aeration starting today.

My Sarassa comet (Wilma) is bent - stiffly curved to be exact and spins when it swims. Spins madly for a bit, then it lies on the bottom and gasps. It hasn't eaten the past couple of days, either. It has had trouble for the past month or so with 'listing' on it's side when sleeping at night. But in the past few days it's gotten very bad spinning madly in the little tank. It kept getting caught in the little plant, so I have now taken it out and put it in a 5 gallon bucket with some cleaner water and a little medication ( in case it was a swim bladder problem) it's tale has red lines in it that were not there a few days ago and it's missing a few scales now, too. I think this might be injuries from banging into things when it's spinning. I've added some Fungus eliminator that is for fungus and bacteria problems and lists red streaks and swim bladder issues on the jar - it's by Jungle. Since I put it in the bucket, it's gone from lying on its side, to being upright, but the mad spinning hasn't stopped, nor the gasping afterward.

I don't have another tank to use and it's too early to set up the pond, soon - but not just yet. I can keep the fish in the bucket and continue to aerate it and do water changes - it can't get hurt on anything in there. But is there something I should be adding to the water? Or ??? I've had this comet 2 years and it didn't get sick last year inside - although there were less fish last year in the little tank.

I don't plan on adding more - but don't want to see this one die - so any help is appreciated.

None of the feeder fish are having trouble, only this one.

I've never had this happen in any fish I've had - and any advice would be helpful.


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Guest tooterfish

if you have a storage container...

rubbermaid or similliar (even if it if has summer clothes stored in it)

these are bigger than 5 gals...i think mine are 28-32gal but the labels have been taken off.

rinse it out really well

and fill it with temp matched declorinated water (stresscoat is a declor, i dont know about amQuel product, read label)

and move filter, bubbles and fish into there.

5 gals for 5 goldfish is just asking for more problems,

and the red streaks and other symptoms are brought about by dirty water.

get them into something bigger. cleaner.

you could even use the 5gal as a hospital tank (once its clean) for the comet acting funny.

giving them more water, will not make all of these symptoms go away, but it will make it easier for the board to help you help your fish.


keep posting, we'll try to help

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Guest OzzMosiz

I don't want to sound to preachy, but 5 gallons for 5 fish (especially goldfish and especially comets), your just asking for trouble. I'd get on ebay and look for a 100 gallon tank if I were you. Comets need at least 20 gallons when fully grown.

Until then try and find something bigger to put them in, make sure you have a filter and an airstone otherwise you'll never get the cycle to complete.

Probably want to do 50% water changes every day.

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