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Shubunkin Acting Funny


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Hi, we have 60 gallon tank, Magnum Pro350 with double biowheels, filter each week.

Test Results using AP test tube kit, (except for the Nitrites 0 using Aquar Pharm test tube kit and 0.2-0.3 using test strip type testing), Nitrates 30ppm, Ammonia 0, PH is 7.4

Our one 8" long Shubunkin has been going completely vertical on & off with his head pointing up to the top, he has some light red lines in tail fin, but we have been using Melafix and aquar salt and in past 2 days the redness is fading to pink, but he is still vertical.

Our other 8 1/2" Shubunkin is sitting at the bottom often, and in corners of the tank.

We did a 50% water change because after last weeks change, their behavior stayed the same.

We have 2 babies added, after being quarantined for 2 wks in our smaller tank, one Oranda and one Ryukin, the Ryukin had a little red streaks in her tail fin when we got her, treated with Melafix and it cleared completely, so she was added to the 60 gallon tank. We thought 2 weeks is a good period to quarantine them?

We added a Cambomba plant about 2 weeks ago, after rinsing in aquar salt too.

The temperature has been a steady 75-76 for the past year, so nothing has changed really. We clean once a week with 25-30% water change, will do more if needed.

We don't understand what is going on?

We also have a 7" Black Moor who is fine, and a telescope who was born with deformities but living fine, eating fine who is only 3-4" in size, isn't growing like she should..

All fish are eating when fed, but the 2 large Shubunkins go into their odd behavior later on.

Any suggestions? should we just wait this out since we are treating them already?

thanks for any help. This is the best goldfish site we've found!

Lynn :(

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I am not a disease expert, but I am bumping this up so others will see it.

Experts (such as Rick Hess) recommend a month as the correct amount of time to quarantine new fish. If the new fish had red streaks and that is what your shubunkin got also, it seems that possibly it was still contagious even thought the symtoms had disappeared.

Melafix does not cure bacterial infections (I know that on the bottle it has all sorts of claims). It is really for ragged fins.

Also when adding plants, I feel that it is better to disinfect them with a mild bleach solution. I am not sure if salt is strong enough. You have to rinse and rinse and then soak the plants a bit with water with some water conditioner to get rid of the chlorine (bleach).


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Guest tooterfish

hi hi

this change in behavior (vertical swimming) happened AFTER the plant was added?

this really interested me. (i'm learning about the water chemistry... anyhooo)

experiement : take plant out of tank, and house it in a container

do a 30% water change in the main tank, lets say for 3 days..

does your vertical fish improve after those 3 days?

i would be extremely greatful for any updates, if you do indeed do this experiment.

This would only affect the vertical swimming,

the other symptoms may need other treatment.

Thanks - Tooter

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