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Black Moor Has White Spots

Guest nezzy

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Guest nezzy

I was reading in a thread awhile back that this could be white spot.

He has about 5 (white spots) in different areas on his body. He seems fine. The thread said that I could put salt in there to help cure him. Is this like salt that you put in food or a special kind of salt? Thanks!

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Are the white spots fuzzy, or do they look like little salt grains?

If they look like salt grains, it's ich. (compare against the pic


To deal with ich you'll want to get a heater and raise the temp

to around 80*f. Make sure to have adaquate aeration in the

tank when doing this. Higher temps equal lower oxygen levels

in the water. Then you'll want to turn off the light on the tank

and cover the whole tank with a towel or blanket. On every

3rd day you'll want to gravel vacuum the bottom of the tank

to remove any dormant ich particles in the gravel. Along with all

of this you will need to either:

1) medicate with a product containing malachite green

such as Rid Ich+ found at your local fish store

(mmm, vvvv etc.) Make sure to remove any carbon in your

tank, it'll absorb the meds rendering it uneffective.


2) treat with salt, add salt to a total of 3 tsps per

gallon in increments of 1 tsp per gallon every 12 hours.

Use any salt which does NOT have anti-caking agents in it.

Dissolve it first in a container with a little tank water

before pouring it in.

Remember when doing water changes to add enough salt

for the amount of water that was removed. With the water

changes use water closely matching the tank temp and add

a dechlorinator appropriate for the amount of new water going

into the tank.

Keep up the treatment until the fish has been completely

ich-free for at least 6 days (which might well take

a couple of weeks)

Lets us know if it's ich or not. :)


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I'm not sure how to explain the anti-caking thing. :blink: Salt

that is safe to use would be: rock salt, solar salt and

aquarium salt.

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Got me on that one. What ever you use, make sure it is

100% sodium chloride salt and doesn't contain any iodine

or anti-caking agents.

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Guest nezzy

His spots aren't there anymore. That's weird. But he don't look good now. Underneath his eyes it looks kinda white/grey. But he is swimming fine

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Guest nezzy

Nothing new has been added. It's all the same stuff. My pH is a little high. I am planning to do my weekly water change tomorrow.

pH- 7.8

Ammonia- 0

Nitrite- 1.5 (my tank is still cycling, and my nitrite is slowly dropping down)

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