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Did Chu Come from the East Coast? XP

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I contacted Cynthia of East Coast Ranchu (one of our forum sponsors) a little over a month ago about getting some ranchus, since I had not been restocking my tanks when my older fish passed away. Cynthia was very gracious, and was quite a pleasure to deal with. I chose two day FedEx shipping, and the fish arrived safely, soundly, and did not at all seem like they had spent almost two days in a box. Because Cynthia had already treated these fish for flukes and other parasites, the current QT is quite easy. They have received two rounds of prazi, and because there was absolutely no reaction, I will wait for another few months before I do another dose. In addition to these chus, I also brought home a calico ryukin from my local Petsmart. Everyone is behaving well, and showed no response to prazi. They do not have names yet, but here they are.

Two Black Chus

These are the smallest of the six, and I can hardly tell them apart. They are settling in nicely, and have grown in the last two weeks.







Calico Ranchu

This one is so fast, I had trouble trying to get some good photos.







Sakura Ranchu

This one is my favorite. :)




Bonus Sakura Ranchu

I had originally bought 5, but Cynthia sent me a bonus. He is missing an eye, but that has not impeded him one bit. This is my second favorite. :)



Calico Ryukin

He was at the local Petsmart for over a month, and was still there when I went to get sand. I have high hopes for this one. :)




Random Shots





The Big Boss :rofl :rofl :rofl


Thank you for looking! :)

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You have beautiful fish. Congrats on all the new ones. :) I really like the random shot of your one eye beauty. If I didn't know better it almost looks like two different fish. I love your lemonhead fish also. They are all gorgeous. :)

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Bless chu. :rofl

I can't stop staring at the black ranchu, he's like the stealth fighter of ranchu. He has such an intense black.

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They're all beautiful. Have you decided which shall be named in my honor? I like either the first Sakura ranchu, or your little petsmart find. ;)

See? I have even given you choices. ;) Aren't I a pal?

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Love all your photos! Your fish are all gorgeous!! I think my fave are the black ranchus! :D

I too bought fish from her and love them. I can barely tell my 2 lemon heads apart.

I will have to save this thread for when I need a photo fix! :rofl

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Live them!!

One day, will you pleeeeaase pick out a calico ryukin for me (and not keep it)?? :P

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Wow! Really nice group! That is a lovely Ryukin.

From Petsmart? Great find! Looking forward to seeing them grow. :clapping:

On a side note. You said you were seeing no reaction to the Prazi. What reaction is it you are watching for?

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Gorgeous goldies! My favorites are Calico Ryukin and especially the White Riukin which shape is very similar even equal to one of my Ryukins (Geisha), the only difference is the color of the eyes.

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