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Panting Goldfish - Help!

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Hi ladies and gents,

My partner, Tim, and I just did a water change (70%) with our 220L tank; which homes four of our fish (our - Black Moor, Fantail, Broadtail and Ranchu)

We noticed that after the water change our fish were opening and closing their mouths rather rapidly, and they still are - it's been over an hour or so since we finished with the tank.

Tests after the change all came back fine.

pH: 7.6ppm
Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Nitrate: 5ppm

What could be the cause of this? I'm worried :( it's like they are gasping for air!

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I did add the conditioner, yup.

Tap pH = 8.0

The tank is a bit hard to judge, in the normal pH test it's 7.2 close to 7.6 / in the high range pH test it sits at 7.4

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Temps had a 3 degree Celsius difference. Maybe that's what it was?? =S

Should I quickly go out and get some heaters? I haven't needed them prior, so I don't have any.

Temp in tank is 21 celsius and tap is 18...

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no, i don't think 3C would cause rapid breathing..

my immediate suggestion is to add another dose of water conditioner, what are you using? following that, hop on the net to see if there have been any weekend waterworks in your area.

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Hi Helen, thanks - I'm using the API one. From what I can gather, there has been nothing in the way of water works in the area. I added some API Stress Coat as well.

I'm uploading a video at the moment.

I've been poking around the net to see if anything explains the situation. What I found out when I turned the light on (wasn't until I went to film them) was that the tank was murky. What I think has happened is a bacterial bloom from disturbing the sand too much during the water change.

This would cause fish to gasp right? ... I'd assume so.

I've added a dose of Metafix and they seem like they are already acting a bit better. Less "oh gee gimme air.. in.. in.. in" and more "ok, in ...out...in..out" and swimming about a bit more like normal to lol I think they will be ok once this clears up.

I will get the video on here when it's uploaded. If any one has any ideas/suggestions let me know =)


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