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Goldfish Behaviour

Guest raine

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Guest raine

Ok please forgive my ignorance about goldfish, we have just bought a 10 gallon tank about 3 weeks ago, 3 of the 6 goldfish we bought have died, the 3 fish left used to swim all over the tank especially when they were being fed but this past week 2 of them (sorry dont know what kind or sex) seem to be staying in one place constantly they hardly move and they stay close together. We had a plastic plant there so i thought maybe they were eating food left over off it, so i moved it to see if this would make a difference and now there still staying in the one place even though the tree was moved to another part. The other fish swims around most of the time without any problems. Iam hoping there just being lazy or dating lol, and this isnt a sign of disease. :cry1

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Unfortunately, you made one of the mistakes that most new goldfish owners

make, by putting too many fish in a new tank. It isn't your fault because

most pet stores really don't provide adequate info on the care of goldfish,

and I am glad that you have found this forum :)

A 10 gallon tank is small for goldfish, as most people recommend that each

fish has 10 gallons of water. A 10 gallon tank, therefore is really only

suitable for one fish. If the fish are very small, you can keep two in it

for a while, but will have to upgrade to a 20 gal. as they grow.

Also, a new tank goes through a cycling process, which is when the filter

builds up good bacteria that converts both ammonia and nitrite, which are

by-products of fish waste and are deadly to fish, into nitrate which is

relatively harmless except at extremely high levels. Nitrate levels are

kept under control by regular, once per week water changes of about 25% of

the tank water.

What I think is happening now is that the water quality in your tank has

degraded. I would suggest doing a water change of about 60%, replace it

with water that is the same temperature and has been treated with a good

water conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramine. I use Prime and have

been very happy with it. You may have to do water changes every couple of

days or so. After the big 60% change, you could probably get away with 30%

or so every couple of days. You should notice your fish perk up after the

water change. If you have gravel in the tank, a simple gravel vacuum can

help keep the gravel clean.

It is a funny thing with fish (just like humans) that some have very good

genetics and seem to survive , whereas others will be affected by adverse


BTW, do you have water testing kits? These can make cycling your tank so

much easier, because you will know what is going on. Ammonia and nitrite

test kits are available and are easy to use.

There is a section on cycling your tank on this forum with lots of

information and tips.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask questions. You obviously

care for your little fish and hopefully we can get them back to their lively

selves again :)

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