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Lake Tanganyika biotope-ish 15g


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sorry for the lack of updates, I've been rather busy recently! 6 weeks on from when I first got them, the lamprologus stappersi are doing just fine. the setup is pretty much the same, except I have added some plants! originally I was planning on trying vallis again now that I'm no longer having to dose ammonia which probably killed the first lot, but the LFS guy couldn't tell the difference between vallis and cyperus helferi so I got one pot of each lol. I don't blame him since I couldn't tell the difference in the holding tank myself, and I was thinking of trying cyperus helferi anyway as I heard it was less prone to melts, unlike vallis.


tank currently


the Gent!

sadly there is still no pitter patter of little fins, though the pair are still getting bigger so perhaps they're not fully mature enough to breed yet. they've been feeding well on NLS Thera A, frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp, and live bloodworms! getting greedier by the day.

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