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Lake Tanganyika biotope-ish 15g


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well I figured I might as well make their own thread now they seem to have perked up after their first feeding!



tank: second-hand 2ft x 1ft x 1ft (only £10!)

substrate: play sand

decor: 10 escargot shells, pebbles/cobbles I brought back with me from my goldie tank from way back when

fauna: a pair of lamprologus ocellatus, var. gold

flora: vallisneria spiralis

filter: currently Eheim Aquaball (the very same donated by Alistair a long time ago), will be exchanged for an Eheim 2213 external when it arrives in the post

heater: Aquael Easy heater 100w

lighting: clamp-on fixture with 2x T5HO tubes (came with one white, one blue, but I changed the blue for a more tropical white)

filter media I nicked some from my betta tank to seed my new tank, let it run with an ammonia source for a little while to make sure the bacteria transferred, then purchased my fish yesterday afternoon.

at first I was worried that they would not bond as they were of the same gender but after feeding, they have perked up a lot and seem to have bonded over the fact that... they... both like food??? I don't know but I guess that's as good a reason as any lol.





they're so full of character, I love them haha. this is Mrs Occie being a bit grumpy!


finally deciding to start hanging out together after feeding


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wow! I love it!! Do they hide in the shells??

yes they live in them! they're called "ocellated shell-dwellers". :D

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EEEEEKK! I love them! these are my favorite african's. They are definitely NOT peaceful... super territorial! Mine used to attack my arm when I got too close to its fav shell! I love your photos so much. Excellent job on the tank! :thumbup2:

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thank you so much everyone, I'm really proud of this one!

got bitten by Mr Occie during the water change today! it was surprising even though I knew it was a possibility - didn't hurt but was just like "oh!" haha. cheeky.

I've now added a few more stones to break up the line of sight between shells as I was told on another forum that the male may be less aggressive if I 'cut up' his territory. my 2213 arrived a couple days ago but I'm waiting on clear hosing and a lily pipe to arrive before setting it up; the green Eheim stuff is too much of an eyesore, plus the intake was far too long so the bend poked up over the back in an unsightly manner and the return flow pipe was too long for where I've placed the heater.

I'm going away tomorrow afternoon and won't be back until Monday evening, so hopefully all my pieces will have arrived by then and I will take more pictures of the tank with the new equipment.

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I had a bit of a disaster a couple days ago - I went to see my boyfriend for 5 days. everything was prepared - lights on timer switch, my sister keeping up the fert dosing, and water change just before I left. I came back... !!! there was dead plant matter everywhere, diatoms plastering the glass and rocks, and the vallis was half dead! turns out the timer switch busted, but no idea when. from the looks of things, it was probably just after I left, which is a bummer. I cleared out the gunk, did a big water change (Mr Occie didn't like this and tried to nip the siphon lol) and removed the dead leaves on the vallis. luckily the little couple were no worse for wear, just rather hungry!

I also bought lily pipes approx 2 weeks ago, arrived today (from Hong Kong).... only for me to snap the intake!! I was almost in tears, I was so annoyed. I've finally got the last parts so I can set up the 2213 that has been sitting around for ages, and I shatter the intake. in the end I've just set it up using the original Eheim intake & strainer, but I guess at least that's slightly less ugly than the Aquaball! I've ordered another intake which should take 5-8 days for delivery, so hopefully next week I will be able to have my lovely glassware. I'm also thinking of getting another bit of vallis or splitting up the current stuff... and more rocks.

here, have some photos.


how the tank currently looks


cheeky Mrs Occie stuffed her face full of bloodworms and just sat(?) there chewing like this. no manners!


very ladylike.


getting real excited about bloodworms

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I love the tank!! The green eheim stuff looks fine and blends in I think! Those guys are so feisty!! I love it!

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They are so adorable! Good thing they were fine after the disaster!

How big do these guys get??

the male gets to 2.4 inches, female to 1.4 inches, so not very big at all! I think mine are more or less fully-grown.

and thank you both! I'm actually having to shift the vallis to the left because of the lily pipe's vortex effect! it's churning the sand they're in and exposing the roots/root tabs :/

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