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New Betta for my 20 gal tropical ...

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.... Happy Mothers Day to me! Hubby picked it out. Twin half moon tail - Male. Peacock colors. I named him Mr Peacock.

I just put him in with my tropicals. They are separated so soon, that I skipped QT .... (shudders) but we really think it will be OK.

So my question is ..... anything special I need to look out for? do for him?

Pictures will come later. Seams the best pictures come out at night, so will try to take some tonight.

So happy with our newest addition!

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Congrats! Of course, just watch out for nipping, but that will probably be expected within the first few weeks of a betta being in a community tank! Can't wait for pics :)

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here is Mr Peacock in his store cup.


Here he is in the tank ...


and here are his tank mates (plus one more oto that is in almost permanent hiding ....)


Isnt he such a pretty betta? my husband is very with fish, the rest have mostly been me and the kids choices. He picked this one out for me for Mothers Day, and my favorite colors are Peacock colors :)

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