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Mummy! Interior Designers... We Are Not!... kthanxbai~~

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they're insane. when i fast them, i think they get an idea that i am being mean to them. they begin to swim around the spray bars. Leonidis can't contain himself. he begins to rip into the plant. chubber chu gets frantic and swims laps... pausing, just to stare me in the eyes.. then, whilst i have my back to them, i hear a dull knock.. the sound of one spray bar dropping. i know what's to come next.. a few hours later.. another dull knock.. there goes the second spray bar!. and that's how they stay, for another 5 days until the next wc!. lolol..

but it's not like they drop a spray bar and continue on doing what they are doing.. they drop a spray bar, then they all swim to the front glass :blink: as if to be checking out my reaction? :rofl

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One time I had to leave for the weekend, I decided to just fast them the two days and not ask someone to come feed them, well..... They ate all my sword plants in revenge lol. So Helen they are totally getting revenge!

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Thats hilarious!!!!

yes! not!.. lol :P

"and her fat bulldozer head" ha ha ha ha made me laugh.

she does.. she headbutts everything! she's super strong. the spray bars have been down for almost a week now.. she's moved them both to the back of the tank.

:rofl3 And they look so innocent in that picture :lol3

dun dun dun.. it's the quiet ones to look out for.. wait.. they're all quiet! :rofl

That's definitely inspired me...as I sit threading nylon sting into suction cups. :rofl

spray bars are down WITH suction cups.. thread's not going to help us.. :tomuch:

lol, destructive little buggers, aren't they!? :rofl

^ bingo!... yes.. that exactly!.

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