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One eyed butterfly!

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So I went into my LFS and they had tons of goldies in! They had a ton of butterflies, pom poms, oranda, ranchu, etc. I was going to maybe pic up a small ranchu but I saw a butterfly tele in the pom tank and the poor thing was missing an eye! It was so pretty though, and the socket had healed up nicely. So I flagged down an worker who told me they'd sell him for half the original price (13 compared to 28). The one girl was so happy he was getting a home because he was her favorite (she had been calling him willy) and apparently he had gotten injured (she was unsure how) and they healed him up. He's really lovely and super friendly and active; he's in QT with Squamous but I'm unsure if I'm going to keep the name willy or call him Columnar. I'll probably go back and get one or two more, I'd love to have a 40 or 55 with a few butterflies!


Lovely top down shot!


Long tailed friends!


He sports some lipstick too!


He doesnt swim away from the camera because he can't see it on one side :rofl


Looking like a derp


Large dorsal! I also love the orange on his eye.


His eye actually faces forward a bit? He seems to see okay out of it and got food really easily.

thanks for looking! Sorry about the poor picture quality, photobucket really degrades the quality.

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Oh my god, he's such a cute fella! Biscuit's body shape was like that. :wub: Ah the things that remind me of Biscuit. So cute.

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Aww cute little guy :)

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