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Flipping Diease?

Guest kingvandal

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Guest kingvandal

I was refered to this forum by http://fish.orbust.net/forums/index.php?sh...showtopic=28496. here is my post from there:

ok recently one of our gold fish started flipping himself or herself ( not sure which) upside down at top of tank. it is not dead or dying. I know this becuase if you get near the tank he swims away. And eats all the time chases the other fish. There are 3 normal eyed goldfish, 2 buggy eyed gold fish. All which get along fine. and 1 feeder goldfish we bought that has lived to be 1 yr old and twice the size of an adult thumb. I know how dumb this post sounds but it is really happening. At times he swims around upside down!  whats the deal? None of the other fish are having any problems. The PH level is great right outta the tap. When he gets close to the filter it flipps him over and he will spends the better part of 5 minutes trying to flip over again. And once he is flipped and floating he moves his fins and slowly swims about. ( slowy till he hits the filter bubbles and flipps over again.) If you all don't belive me I will make a small video of it. But any help would be great!!  Rich

The response suggested somehting about flipping diease? help please I am a computer technician and this is all new to me. ANy help is apperiated.


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Greetings and welcome to the board! :welcome

Your fishy is having a problem with it's swim bladder.

It's an air bubble(organ) inside the fish the controls if

it goes up or down. Right now it's having a problem

with the going down part. This is called swim bladder

disease (SBD) or flipover disease, whatever you want

to call it.

This is most likely a result of constipation. :blink: Yes,

fish can get backed up like people. The easiest way to

help alleviate the problem is to fast ALL of your fish for

2-3 days. Then feed them fresh frozen(non salted) peas.

Lightly warm up, de-skin and either mush or cut into bite

size pieces. Peas are a natural laxative and they eat it

like candy. :ymmu

To avoid future problems with this, make sure to presoak

any flake/pellet food in a cup of tank water. This will

help remove any air in the food.

Make sure to keep the fish under the surface of the water

if it's floating at the top. If exposed to air to long, it can

develop air ulcers. :o

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

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Guest kingvandal

so my fish has constapation? This morning it was not floating. It was on the bottom with the rest of them. And as of yet it has not started again either. Thanks for the help. Glad to hear "Spanky" is not going to kick the bucket. Another question. I named our fish but I do not know which are males and females? Our biggest one named "King" is about the size of a baseball. He eats first.. thats why we call him king. Kinda funny to watch actually. But how do I tell the difference between a male and female?


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For fancy, double tailed goldfish there are a couple ways.

Look at their bums :o Males have an inny (pink) and females

have an outty(white). Here'sa pic to help.

For non-fancy, single tailed fish it's a little harder. You

have to look at them from the top. Males will be thinner

in the stomach area, while females will be thicker.


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Guest kingvandal

cool. A guy at the petsop told me there is no way to tell. lol. How do I know if one is pregnant? Petshop guy said they do not mait in captivity. true?


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They are capapble of mating in captivity. You have to

lower the tank temp. (not sure to what temp) Then slowly

raise it back up. (think spring thaw in the river) When the

temp gets to a certain point the male will start chasing the

female around with his nose up her bum. Then things may

look like they become violent, the male will push the female

into the tank walls and anything else around until the eggs

are released. Remember, both the male and female must

be old enough for this to happen. Generally 2-3 years old is

when they can start mating. If you don't want your fish to

go through this, raise the temp to 74-76f and that will take

care of any frisky stuff that may happen.

Here's another pic to tell a mature male fish. Little white spots

will develop on the gill plate and front edge of the pectoral fin.

ps: if your looking to breed your fishies, check out the breeding

section. Lots of helpfull info there. :)


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Guest kingvandal

the one that ws flipping has stopped. But in regards to the maiting question. The one we call nugget is always chasing the one that was flipping under near the butt. POssible courtship? If she drops some eggs will the other eat them? Or should I just leave the eggs there? ( if she dropped egges, she has not yet ) sorry about my tpyo's etc.. must be kinda hard to read @ times.


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It very well could be someone getting frisky. If eggs are

left in the tank, they will become food for everyone. <_<

If you really want to raise fry(eggs-baby fish) you'll need

a seperate tank for them, along with a different filter etc.

I don't know too much about what all goes into it, just

what I've caught browsing through the breeding section. I've

got my hands full with 22 goldies and a small tropical tank.

Keep asking questions, I'll try to answer them. If they are

breeding specific, you'll be best to ask them in the breeding

section though.

ps: don't worry about the occasional typo, I've had a couple. :)

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Guest kingvandal

wow. you are very informative. I hope asking all these question are not annoying. But here is another. We used to have alot of plants ( fake) but they always seemed to collect alot of junk. It always made the tank look nasty. And the little gravel did the same thing. So we removed them all. Now the tank sits on a black shelf. It gives the mirror effect. Kinda neat to see. Will this mess with the fishes? What would you recommend to put in the tank? I am going to take some pics of our babies. I am proud of them :panana Is it true that the fish will get only as big as there tank will allow? Thats enough questions for now. but rest asure there will probally be more. :P


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The tank size vs. fish growth is kinda true. Goldfish emit

a growht inhibitor. It will actually stunt the fish's growth,

making them only grow to a certain size. This will greatly

reduce the life span of the fish too. That's why we

recommend goldfish need a MINIMUM of 10 gallons of water

per fish, 15-20 gallons would be great. Along with that,

weekly water changes with dechlorinated and temp

matched water. Plus, gravel vacuums help keep the inhibitor

in check.

The reflection might do something for awhile, but it should

pass shortly. Somethings you could put in the bottom to

dress it up a little are: colored glass beads, bigger sized

river rocks-1 1/2" size. Those will give your fish something

to play with, and keep you awake at night with the clanking

sound it can produce. :blink: Using gravel or having a bare

bottom tank is more of a personal decision. All my tanks

have small sized gravel in them.

For the crud on the plastic plants, just take them out and

use a toothbrush to clean with.

If you get some good clear pics, you may want to enter them

in the Pic of the week contest. Email the photo to Koko:

koko@kokosgoldfish.com. Make sure to include your username

with the photo saying you want it entered in the contest. Oh,

make sure you don't post the pic on here beforehand. It won't

be allowed then.

Feel free to ask questions whenever they come up. That's

what the board is for. :)

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I'm just passing on information that I have sponged up

in my time being here. Lots of lurking and question

asking help with that. Some stuff is trial and error. ;)

I've got lots of little tidbits that I've copied for future

reference too. :happydance

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Guest kingvandal

really pic of the week huh. Maybe I will. I will email them. Hey bud you ever need some computer questions lemme know. :hi


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