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Bubble Eyes and Ranchu/Oranda Fry


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Hey Koko peeps! My first batch of fry will be ready in a few weeks for their new homes. There are 3 oranda and one ranchu. One oranda is long bodied, the other two are nice and stout. They have divided or only partially merged caudals and all other fins paired.

The ranchu has paired fins but one caudal side is folded which is a cosmetic flaw. It has a great round back. They are still coloring up at 8 weeks. It has been an exceptionally cloudy "spring" and the full spectrum day light is only doing so much. They've been treated for flukes, fed a great diet, and in clean water from day 1.

Pictures coming. The babies are FREE to good homes and I don't want to ship them, so those of you from Vancouver Canada to southern Oregon get dibs.

My bubble eyes...I am doing this because in a studio apartment I need to keep this streamlined. I want to breed and keep ranchu the most, so I am making room for fry I will be keeping. The bf is also moving in in a few months and deserves not to have tanks in every room of the house/surface.

Yes, Dolly is included in this. He is a DO fish. He is about 7" with tail. My smaller bubble eyes need a home as well.

What is important to me is that they have a bubble eye safe home. Ideally, I would like them all to go together. The three younger ones are siblings and I've raised them from tiny little babes.

If a bubble eye safe home can be provided, you can have all four for $40. And photo updates on the babies ;) I don't think I will ship Dolly and would prefer not to ship any of them. I will drive to meet you or you can pick them up.

Dolly eats well and is healthy but does rest on the bottom a bit due to his large bubbles.

Vancouver Canada to southern Oregon members take priority. What is most important is a safe forever home. Bubble eye breeding is in my future, a future with a lawn or two main rooms :)

Please post here if you are interested. Videos can be found at nikinator2010 on YouTube but photos and videos will be posted shortly here as well.

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I want to wish you the best in finding new homes for all your fish. I'm sure you will find some excellent homes here. Looking forward to seeing your photo's you post here. (I live too far away and am all set up with all of my fish....or I would want one of your Oranda's probably) :)

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