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Zeus and Gibby

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So I am still undecided as to what to do with my new additions, everyone seems happy for now, but I know long term this isn't the best situation for any of them :(

Zeus's color is really attractive to me for some reason, I find him so handsome and he's quite the social fish too :)

Gibby (formerly Gibbs is a confirmed female ;) so needed a name change) is not very active and is concerning me a bit :(

I'm currently trying to figure out where I can put a tub that I can manage w/c's without to much pain :(

anyway some new pic's :)

Zeus and Max


link(blur) Zeus and Gibby


Handsome tri color Zeus


Zeus and Gibby


Thanks for looking :)

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Thanks everyone :)

My hubby thinks Gibby is ugly :( the missing eye does still creep me out a bit but not as much anymore, which reminds me...

does anyone else with a one eyed fish seem to turn sideways a lot???

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