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Petco's Dollar per Gallon sale is going on right now!


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Is that for tanks?

If so, does anyone feel like sending one over to australia? :bye2:

My fish would love me but my parents wouldn't if I got another tank, LOL

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Yes, It's for tanks only GoldPigs. And I believe it's up to a 55 gallon. So a 55g for $55.00. :)

alvintran it is until the 27th. I actually picked up a 10g for quarantine near the beginning of the sale. But my daughter gave it away to a friend that has a goldfish in about 2 gallons of water. :yikes I know! We tried talking/explaining. Her parents said she can keep her gf in a 10g. I'm hoping that she will upgrade to at least a 20g once she see's how much happier her fish is even in a small 10g. She comes over here and see's how well my daughter and I take care of our fish. I don't get it! So I picked up a 20g for qt. on my fish. Great deals going on.

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