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Thinking of going planted , need some input


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I keep the 150 Gallon Bare as can be , but thinking I might switch over to a planted tank. I would like some input on this.

Right now I am battling brown algae and losing , I just cannot get rid of the stuff. Would plants out compete for the nutrients and maybe stop this mess ?

I would use the opportunity when I switch over to the sump system to do this , tank will be empty for a few days.

I would use amazonia substrate how much would I need ? and does anyone have any experience plantscaping large tanks like this ? I want it to pretty.

Right now I have two 36 " Aquaticlife T5 HO Dual Lamp fixture , which may be the reason I am having trouble with the brown algae.

Not sure if this is sufficient or not , but I am thinking about changing lighting anyway. Any recommendations ? or keep what I have ?

I am not sold on it yet and going to do a lot of reading on this , but any input advice you have I would appreciate

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Goldfish and plants can be hit and miss. Lets see how much I can help you with your questions. It well slow down the mess as you call it but only if you plant a LOT of plants. See pictures of my 55 gallon to see what a lot really is. My goldfish tank has just a couple plants and a rubberlip that keeps the glass clean. The rubberlip does a great job since you only have 8 goldfish in the tank you could get yourself 2 or 3 of those to help with cleaning and not worry with LOTS of plants.

Never used Amazonian substrate so cant really help you with that.

How much lighting depends on what kind of tank set up. Do you plan to use co2 and ferts for fancy plants that require high lights? Or do you plan to do low light plants? Also my largest planted tank is 55 gallon so I am not sure what you would do for the deeper tanks. I would only be guessing using my experiences with my tanks.

I also started with a bowl. Then a 10 then a 20 then a 30 then the 55. Doing it that way helped me learn and meant not spending to much at once on plants just buying a few new ones every time I upgraded.

Hope I have helped you some. There are also other people on here doing great with plants that might had advice from their experiences

Good luck and don't forget the pictures.

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I have trouble with diatoms on plant leaves a lot. Boo.

If you get fast growing plants, you can trim off some of the older, algae covered leaves, as the new leaves will be fresh and green.

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I don't understand... Diatoms/algae is just part of having fish. Yes there are ways to have less of it. Even my newly set up goldfish does not have a lot of it. I have a couple plants and the rubberlip. But yes there is still some. I just live with it. It is part of fish tank life. Even in the wild or pond you are going to have some of this stuff.

So why fight it? Why not do things to help control it and then learn to live with it?

I guess I'm just lazy. Even my planted tank has some in it and nope I don't remove it. No way am I taking all those plants out and taking a tooth brush to them lol it would take days.

I do scrap the sides and front on my oscar tank but I never remove it all. It would be a losing battle so I just live with it on the tank. Does it do something bad to the fish I don't know about?

I am sorry don't mean to offend. I really just don't get it. But then again I am very lazy.

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