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20 gal as of today ....

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So when we moved into this house back in Oct .... we had 1 glo fish in a 2 gal tank. I noticed after the move that it looked like it had started leaking. So I was on the look out for a bigger tank. I found this 20 gal at the local thrift store ! :) So I cleaned it up and put our 1 glo fish (blue named Gnomeo) in it. Well he had been in my other 10 gal tank that had small goldies in it too (I know - it was before I joined this site and learned more goldies are now in a 120 gal). So he was used to some friends. So we went and bought 1 of each color of glow fish. Now we have 5. Then I added one Otto .... talking here I learned my poor Otto was lonely (Thank you Jamie!) so we bought 4 more and put them in QT so they could join the 20 gal tank. This last weekend ... (2 weeks of QT) I put the 4 Ottos in the 20 gal .... And I cant find my first Otto ... Poor dude probably died and my glo fish disposed of the body ....

So that is how my tank stands today ..... 5 glofish and 4 ottos.

Plan to add more someday .. but not for a bit. I want let these guys get used to each other. So far they are all getting a long well.

The more I learn about my tropical fish the more I enjoy them :)

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