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Shrimp tank.


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So a couple months ago I got a 6.6 gallon petco bookshelf tank.

It was a betta tank, and then turned into a betta and shrimp tank.

I usually call it the shrimp tank, even if Salvatore still rules it. xD

I wanted to post some pictures of it, and its inhabitants.

I was super happy to get a couple of oddly shaped marimo balls for only a dollar each!



I have some water sprite, pygmy chain swords, micro swords, anubias, hygros and java moss all over my driftwood.

When I redo it it's going to have crypts lutea as the majority plant.





right now it's just chock full of baby shrimp. Theya re really prolifically breeding for me!

so I am waiting for them to get larger and then I drew out plans to revamp the tank to something better to show them off:


I have the exact piece of driftwood I drew. So I'm pretty happy.

Before too long I will probably be giving shrimp away here!

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