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Only seeing my fish once a week this month.

Mr. Hyde

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I will only be seeing my two fish once a week this month, as they are at my place of work.

I have a colleague feeding them during my absence, and I will only see them on Saturdays.

Recently, I have started to feed them spinach two to three times a week along with their sinking pellets to help with digestion and prevent any floating.

The co-worker is a bit squeamish (don't know why) to give the spinach, so will only feed the pellets...better then nothing I suppose.

My question; would it be best if I only provide spinach that Saturday I see them?...keeping in mind that I normally have the fish fast on Sunday.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Side Note; Not sure if it's relevant, but I will have to do my weekly water change (50% approx) on the Saturday as well.

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Nah. I used to do exactly that before I just switched to a day of all veggies and no fasting.

It isn't bad at all.

Good to hear.

I am on a mat-leave to watch my daughter Mon-Fri for this month...easier taking care of the fish!

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I would do an 80% WC just in case your coworker overfeeds them a little, it would just help the water quality :) unless your tap water has weird parameters.


You must read minds.

He does over feed a touch.

I will do that.

Thank you.

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