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Aquaclears....sometimes you hate 'em, sometimes you don't.

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So I was cleaning my tank today and while taking the intake tube of the 70 off to scrub, the u-tube nub (controls the flow control) snaps right off. :madrant :madrant :madrant


Then I took a wooden dowel in my art drawer and stuck it into the hole that was created after the piece went flying. PERFECT FIT! :clapping:

I slapped some crappy hot-glue work on the seams afterwards and its back on the job.


Lesson: The AC baby's are tough!

Lets hope that the filter doesn't break down again before my DIY job does. :happydance

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Good job on the Do-It-Yourself repair!!! Just in case it didn't work you can buy replace tubes for the Aquaclears! I have bought extra pieces to extend my tubes further down!

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