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Baby Butterflies

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I was stocking up at my LFS on plants, prazi, etc, and saw they had a new shipment of telescopes. Tiny little babies, the smallest fish I've seen for sale other than feeders. Mixed in were some white orandas. I did a double take when I noticed one of the white orandas had telescope eyes. How odd!

Oh wait, its not an oranda! It was a white butterfly. I asked the employee to pull it for me for a top view. Symmetrical eyes, upright, even, broad tail. All fins paired, huzzah!

He was mine. Well, after I waited a few days to see if I needed him. There was also a red and white beauty there. Almost no telescoping on the eyes yet, but a nice dark red color unlike the others. The tail was upright, not quite as strong, partially merged but still lovely. I took them both home and starting at 7 grams they were just tiny things. Theyre 10 grams each now. No names yet. They're both male. They have the tiniest tubercles and breeding stars. So cute!

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Oops I am the worst! Haha it didn't work for some reason. I'm sure Koko will be by with the ban hammer soon. Or maybe if I'm lucky, just the Koko stick ;)

Trying again don't hate me! :)

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I am sooo jealous! I've never really wanted a butterfly before (or really even any telescope), but now that they are all I want when I can add fish, I realized I have NEVER seen one in any of the fish stores close by! :(

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A few days after I got them. They fit in a cereal spoon. The blue background is a cereal bowl :)







About a week in:






Last night. Fatter with better color already. I think the red and white even has a little eye growth. After I got him home I noticed he has a mouth deformity. Its bent inward on one side. Probably flukes when he was a baby. I don't mind at all. Hes going to be a stunner. I like his kind of derp mouth :3 I think I've had them for about two weeks? They are doing so well. Super healthy, zero problems with qt so far.











I blame Sakura, Telescope, and all you other butterfly lovers out there. They are so beautiful!

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You little thing! :rofl Why is there no pictures? :o You must give us pictures, or you give me the fish. :wa :wa

Fine fine, so I posted late. You win, for now! :rofl Oh and the little white one looks like teeny Luca! :heart Precious.

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OMG They are amazing, and you now have identical fish as Sakura's! It'll be awesome to compare them as they grow up.

Also, hurry and get female teles and get fry so I can get some from you! :rofl

(Yes, it's all about me! :rofl)

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What great finds!! Precious sweet little guys. :D Sometimes, I wish I could hug them! :flowers:hug

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