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Selfmade gel food and diet question


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Hi All

I have been feeding my GF a gel food i made myself it has







tablespoon of goldfish flakes and goldfish pellets

my kiddos really like it and I feed it to them everyday they also get some frozen stuff about 2-3x per week of bloodworms, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and leftovers of marine cuisine from my salt tank. A few times a month i will give them fruit like fresh straberries, banannas, orange slices and once a week usually i give them spinach or brocolli on the veggie clip.

is this a good diet for them for the long run? and is my gel food ok for there staple food?


P.S. gave my clownfish a taste of my gel food and the female who is a picky eater gobbled it up :D

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