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3 filters in a tank ?

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Currently i have a

Ehiem Pro 3e (canister)

*filters 5times of the tank water

Ehiem Powerline XL (internal)

*filters 3times of the tank water

Total is 8times...

Can I add in another canister like a ehiem standard which filters another 2-3time more?

As I would like to add more media substrate...my waters are clear now...

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Oh...I meant I got 7goldfishs and each size is 3-4" body length

Abt 100 gallons as the water level is only 17" height instead of 24"(2ft)

How many time of cycle is ideal?


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I figured 7 GF. :D

You want at least 10X filtration. With a canister you can get away with a little less but with such a large tank, another filter would be nice.

Why do you keep the water level so low?

I would love to increase the height to 2ft but ex-owner uses 4" for the lightings and top filter and I have removed all these stuff but I dare not remove the top bracing...so the waters is at 17"


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Got my ehiem 2028 (used set)

Ex owner could have used it for marine tank and the top gasket is totally worn

and I had a swim in my living room!

Did thought of returning it but the gasket is readily avail so I bought it and with some ehiem vasaline..

The seal works!

*left is old gasket;

*Right is NEW & thicker..


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