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Pond's eye view!

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So I was weighing my fish at school (all of which in this batch minus roos will be going in the pond this spring) and I figured I'd take some dorsal view pictures. Some are a bit out of focus or dark because they do not enjoy being in a bowl :rofl


Kai! Getting big and fat.


Ikura. Hoping he'll spawn with Kai because man those would be lovely babies.


Shokin, my free goldie. I love his pectoral fins, I don't know why!


Hoshi, my lemonhead. His tail was really streaky when I first bought him but they've really been fading well.


Roos, who couldn't barely fit in the bowl. I found it SO funny because she just waited like "are we done yet?!"


She looks like a beached whale hahaha. Her fins are growing back really quickly.


And a bonus of my crayfish! She's moulted twice in the month and something I've had her and is SO blue.

Thanks for looking!

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Awesome photos. Fat Roos is hilarious in the bowl! :D I hope you get some babies, you ate right, they would be awesome. Nice and tiger-y.

Where are your little pearlscales? I love those guys.

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