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So cute! :heart

Thank you U.K. Becs!

Those two make for a lovely team, and that baby's fins are _gorgeous_!


Thank you, Bruce! Yes, they are lovely team, but sometime it is challenging to feеd properly the baby one, because the big one, she is like a vacuum :D

beautiful! I love the yellow coloring :)

Thank you Tithra! Probably (hopefully) after a while the yellow coloration of the baby one will be more intensive because since a month I feed him/her with Repashy Soilent Green and Saki-Hikari.

I must say adnan....you take some amazing photographs. Do you do it professionally?? :thumbs:

Thank you Phillyn17! About professional photography, not at all, just enjoying taking pictures, it is something like stress reliever for me.

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Last 4 pictures and the next update probably will be after a month. I hope you will tell your opinion is there any differences of the size and the coloration.

This one is taken with photo flash. Here the picture is more detailed.


The next two- with out photo flash, and I definitely prefer and use that way of taking pictures.



"What are you doing here, this is my photo session!? :goldfish: " :lol3


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Your fish are beautiful, and you take such excellent pictures! :)

Thank you Alex, appreciate! Soon, I probably will buy a new camera lens and hopefully the level of my pictures will be higher.

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