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I know there are quite a few of you here that have beautiful fabric backgrounds :)

I am wondering what do you attach it to? and with what??? I went into our local fabric store last night and saw many many fabric designs that I would love to give a try someday :)

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I always use fabric. Here's what I do to get a smooth, seamless look:

Measure the back of the tank glass, the part that's inside the plastic frame of the tank only. Take those measurements to your local plastic store (check the Yellow Pages under "Plastic Cutting," we have one here that does it while you wait). Choose a thickness that won't buckle or bend, but that isn't too heavy either.

Wrap the front side of the plastic with the fabric as if you're upholstering it, using duct tape to secure it to the back side. Pull the fabric tight before taping to make sure there are no wrinkles. Doesn't matter what the back side looks like, so use plenty of tape. ;)

Affix the wrapped piece of plastic to the back side of the tank, nice side in, either by taping it to the trim above and below (for smaller tanks), or by using woodworking clamps at the top to hold it in place (make sure the clamps are large enough to squeeze open over the entire top trim of the tank, and squeeze just the background and the glass). I tend to fill my tanks to the brim, so I get the clamps that have rubber covered tips, since they'll be in the water a bit and I don't want exposed metal in there.

And voila, perfect background!

Probably sounds like a great big hassle, but the results are worth it. You get a smooth, seamless background that's pressed directly to the glass and keeps out water during water changes. And you can change it as often as you like! Just pull the fabric off the plastic, re-wrap, and poof!

Here's an old version of mine:


And another goldie tank I used to have:


Just did this with my new tank, and the plastic piece cost $8 to have cut.

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