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Aquatop/Sunsun/Grech Filters

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So Aquatop has these filters (CF300, CF400, CF500). The 400/500 ones come with a 9watt uv light. I'm not really concerned about the uv light because it won't do much in my 110g tank. BUT Sunsun/Grech Also carry the same filters (which I was able to find for different rates). Now, my question is whether any of you have use any of these filters, whatever the brand, and what your experience with them has been? I know there is a review on the forum but I want more opinions (and more recent input). I have collected enough swagbucks (about 80 dollars worth) which I'm going to use towards adding another canister to my tank.

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Pretty sure Sunsun and Aquatop are the same thing, just different names for different countries?

I have a Sunsun HW-303B (1400 l/ph), which has the UV light. It completely cleared up the green water in my 200L / 55gal in 2 weeks.

Aaand I also have a HW-302 (1000 l/ph) on my 160L

They do the job well once you get them up and running. The 1000 l/ph one has a pretty sad output flow but the 1400 l/ph is good. They're also super quiet and have HEAPS of space for whatever media you like. I'm quite happy with them so far but only had them 6 months. :D

Only issue I had was the initial set up. Took me ages to get both of them to actually work. They just wouldn't prime. But it could just be me. XD

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