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A short vid of Elvis, my new RG fish!

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Thanks, you guys! I'm so glad everyone thinks he's so beautiful. :thanks

My brother's cat even likes him, and not as a snack. They were playing this morning and Elvis wouldn't stop giving Bloomer kisses on his nose.

I don't think he'll go in the main tank, the more I think about it. I'm just too worried about the bullying that I saw when I tried introducing Tao to the main tank back before my stepdad could make me the neat brace for this one. (if I had this brace before Tao would be living in this tote.) I tried everything to get them to get along, but they just hated Tao so I find myself very scared that they'll hate Elvis too. Why do I get the feeling that Clementine and Hoover are the world's first aggressively territorial goldfish? :( There's always the possibility of either building them a plywood home or buying a 55 at the next DPG sale though and trying... For now I just want to protect him from my other finned babies.

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