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New Lionheads! (warning - lots of pictures)


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I haven't had goldfish for a couple of years, but I started to get all wishy washy and reminiscent about them the other day. I decided that I would start looking around, and if any cuties struck my fancy, I'd get them. Well the very next day I took a peek at the tanks at one of the big box stores, and they had a bunch of adorable little lionheads which are my absolute favorite fancies! It's literally been about 5 years since I've even seen any for sale locally so I took this as a sign and got 3 of them. There was one left that I couldn't get off my mind so I went back for him, and now I have 4 new little lionheads! They're in a cycled 10 gallon right now for salt + prazi and they will be moving into my 46 gallon when their quarantine is up.

:newfish :newfish :newfish :newfish










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ooh they're all cuties. look at those expressive faces! my favourite is the little white one with the red moustache :D

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Thanks for all the kind words :)

They will definitely be getting lots of bloodworms because I have a bunch that I bought for my frogs, but were too big for them to eat. They'll also be dining on lots of yummy veggies once they get into their big tank. Right now I'm feeding them sparingly to keep the water quality good in their little quarantine tank.

The one that I went back for is the little golden guy that has the more sloped back(pics 2 & 3). It was really hard to not just take all 20 or so that they had home, but that would have definitely been biting off more than I could chew.

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