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plant bulbs doing weird things


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Hi all! I just had a quick question about some plant bulbs I bought. I picked them up a few weeks ago and put them in little glass candle votives with some substrate. They've only been planted for about a week in a separate tank for QT (that and one of my goldies kept trying to uproot them). I've noticed something weird starting to form on the bulbs and I was wondering if it was normal? It looks like some sort of a grey/white cobwebby stuff covering the bulbs. Is it normal or some kind of mold? I've never used bulbs before, so this is a new one on me lol!

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It might be fungus, kind of like what grows on wood in a tank. If it is, it's just eating the dead material on the bulbs. It'll stop when it's finished. :)

This is just my guess though. :)

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