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Shu's Stock Pond


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Finally have a chance to post updates on things!

I recently put in a pond :happydance I've wanted one for ages but wasn't sure quite how to go about it/whether I was allowed/couldn't afford it. But I finally sorted things out and here we have it :D

Tis 750L / 200 gal and currently houses my four largest orandas. I have 2 baby shubs to go in there as well but they're so tiny at the moment they'd be eaten.

The filter's not finished yet as one of the people I was buying media off has been making life difficult. Hopefully will have that sorted this weekend.

Anyways, photos!

Sitting on the driveway the day it arrived,


Filling up after a couple days worth of digging, levelling, and more digging


How it looked for a couple weeks while I left it to stabilize


The electric cable will go underground at some point. :P


Closeup of the filter, as it was at the time. It's changed a bit now and will change again before it's done. I seeded the limited media is does have with BBs from my inside tanks and have been testing the water and doing waterchanges accordingly. No problems so far!


Fishies :D


Aaaand how it looks now, a month later!



I should point out the duckweed didn't multiply that much on it's own, I added more.

The extra pipe propped up on the brick came from a flaw in the plans, but as it happens it creates better circulation and the fish like it so I'm gunna see if I can find a way to keep it without it looking so odd lol

Thanks for looking~


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Awesome, Shu! :D

What's the blue tarp for?


LC's got it right. Just a bit of extra shade for them. It'll all change next time it rains, or is windy, or someone looks at it wonky, but for now it's there for shade.

Oh well done! So pleasant and crisp. Now all you need is a lawnchair to sit beside it in the evenings :D

Thank you! :D I'll be spending lots of days sitting by it in the coming walnut harvest, sorting walnuts. O:

I'm guessing the tarp is for shade?

Very nice (: I love your orandas. So pretty :wub:


Thank you! :DDD

Well done. That looks like a great pond for your babies.

I've got an electric cord that is going to go underground someday too. :)


It'll get there. One day.

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It looks so great! I bet your Orandas are loving it! :)

They're much happier than they were in the tank, that's for sure!

Looks great :) it's big too

It is :D Thanks~

Nice job! The fish are beauties,too.Their gorgeous tails really show up when they're in a pond!

Thank you! <3 Dean's tail was wasted in a side view aquarium.

Oh, my! Gorgeous! :)

Looks fantastic !

Thank you!!

Ok what's your address again? You don't have any big dogs do you? :rofl It looks awesome!

We have 4 very large dogs, so guess you'll have to find someone else's pond to kidnap :P


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So when are you setting up my pond :teehee

I'll come over and do it now :P

Very nice. It's amazing how small the tank looks sitting in the driveway and how huge when finished.

I thought the same haha XD

Oh it looks great!!!! I just love how happy pond fish look :)

Thanks! :DDDD

WOW!!! Thats so cool! I'm thinking about doing a Sarasa comet pond soon...

Thank you~~ You most certainly should!

Oh my goodness your fish look gorgeous in that pond

Thanks so much! <3

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