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My new background


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Since I'm broke and bored and off of work until Monday I decided to finally make myself a new background.

I got old fabric and lace and roses from my grandmother as she was throwing out her craft things and I hijacked them. I used packing tape in case I want the fabric/lace/roses for another project sometime later and it surprisingly worked perfectly.

I wrapped the fabric around a piece of cardboard cut to fit my tank, then taped the lace on:




Then I taped on a lace piece that was originally made to go over a candle holder or a centerpiece (I think) and I cut out a lace flower from a piece of scratch lace that was floating around my craft box:


I attached little flowers to the lace piece, clapped my hands together and said "ta da!"




then I taped it to my tank:


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Wow!! I wish I was as creative as all you guys.... I have no background on any of my tanks (yet) because I have no idea what to do!! Ugh. lol I really need to stop putting my background project off so I can have a awesome background like you! I love it!!

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