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Got my Tasty Worms Shipment Today!


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So ive been impatiently waiting for my package that i ordered last week on the 21 which i mentioned on another thread, been tracking it everyday at least 5 times a day on the usps website lol now its finally here! So everyone is tracking i ordered the gh/hk test kit, saki hikari color enhancing pellet food, and the soilent green repashy. i am super excited to make the repashy for my little guys and see how they like it. i also cant wait to know the hardness of my water and see what i need to do to control and keep my parameters stable. And last but not least my sister in law bought me a new light fixture as a early birthday present its an awesome light it has like a million led's lol. its the finnex ray 2 if i can recall correctly its an awesome light and it really makes my tank stand out. I will post pictures after i get back from picking up my son i got an extra day off from work so i thought id surprise my son at the bus stop.

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Okay so after a really long afternoon im done!!! i made the repashy my little guys didnt want any at first but are slowly eating it. the hikari i will give them tomorrow. my kids and wife wanted me to put gravel back on so after a long battle i lost and gravel went back in lol. I had to compromise after she had bought my fish the order from tasty worms.

My Rex's wen is growing im really excited about his improvement, im not sure if you can see his bloodstreaked fins i want to fix this asap (this is for another thread)

My Moila just looking big and beautiful she hasn't had any growth in her wen i dont think it will grow


My tele Biggie he is getting fat but is still short lol he cant decide what color he wants to be lol





im really loving the light i will try and find a old picture of the way it didnt illuminate the way it does now

With the new light


with the old light


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Looking good! I'm a big fan of the LED lighting. I wish I had gone with it instead of t5 now...

For sure im really happy with this light and my fish seem to love it. Also thank you for the great service and professional shipping you have a lifetime customer!!!

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