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Help my fry :(


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No, it's a good discussion :)

Flea meds can be used as a preventative because the meds can stick around on the pet skin for a long time after application. Unfortunately, I don't think there is anything quite like that for fish and flukes. :(

Maybe a liquid into the tank? But I could see how it could be quite harmful to your fish. As the treatment we use for our dog, must be put on her neck so she can't lick it.

Ah it's just a hope. All this prazi treatment/preventation is new to me as I never knew people did once or twice a year! I really need to look into doing it as I've never done it.

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You should :) it is a quarantine treatment we usually do when we get new fish as well.

I'm not getting any new fish for awhile I think! But my current fish should probably have a treatment.

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