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"Pond Fish" Photos


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I realized that I have literally not properly updated on a lot of my fish in pretty much FOREVER. Last night I took a whole lot of photos of some of the tanks and fish.

I called this topic "pond fish" because some of my tanks remind me of indoor ponds-ISH. Although they are not as aesthetic as many of the other tanks of members, I love them for the more "natural-ish" look with algae, (floating) pond plants etc.

Each of the following tanks has various anubias, hornwort, duckweed, frogbit, water lettuce and riccia natans, and some of them have some pothos in the filter. There also is quite a bit of algae in the main tank where I dropped some extra fish in for the photo shoot :lol

Anyway, here we go. First the main tank with all the algae. The fish feed on the various algae all day long and I feed only once or twice daily some soilent green - if at all - and once or twice weekly some frozen food. Normally I only keep the single tails in here.

I noticed though that I took a lot of pics of Bullet (the ranchu). He is such a cutie and he got so big. He is almost as big as Banana now and he has the cutest face and the most gorgeous tail tuck.








This photo made me laugh SO HARD last night.




"Hurrrr hurrr I'm Finny!"





I know I named Finny after his missing tail fin, but now when I look at him, I think that FINNY is the perfect name for him and his massive (other) fins


A couple top view pics



Then here the tub fish, Spicy and Vanille. Vanille is doing so much better ever since the crutches! She tumbles over sometimes, but she never actually flips or floats :)

I love how this looks though. I really want to have an actual (huge) indoor pond someday. :heart







Caught Vanille eating duckweed. She gobbles it up all the time :D





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:D Everyone looks great

I love the top down shots. It's good to see Vanille looking happy!

Great pics, I was sad when they finished ;) I love their faces, sooooo expressive!

When I see your singletails it make me want some of my own! They are magnificent! :)

Thanks you guys!

I love these single tails! I love the fat fancies too but there is a special kind of elegance to the single tails :)

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Great images OYF.....you have some wonderful looking fish there!!! :clapping:

I love the top view shots of Spicy and Vanille. They are gorgeous :heart ~ :heart

I love Vanille and Bullet! C:

They look great !

You should enter 8 and 11 in the contests !

And in pic 25 she looks sooooooo grumpy with you taking a pic of her

Lol !

Awwww Vanille :)

Thanks guys!

I just noticed that I forgot some photos of the top view of the special needs tanks!



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Such cute babies! So glad she's off her crutches! That isn't frogbit you have floating? I'm obsessed with floaty plants.

It's a mix of water lettuce (although due to lack of nutrients it only grows to a miniature size - which is fine with me :D ), duckweed, riccia natans and a little bit of frogbit in it.

I too love floating plants! Especially in my goldfish tanks I have really learned to appreciate them. It's not like these tanks are planted and require high lighting down below, so I don't really care if the floating plants take away light. The fish keep chomping them under control anyway :D

They all look so excited to see you!

That's because I am The Great Bringer of Yumyums! :rofl

They all look great, Fang! I too love the top view photos. :)

Thanks! I love top view tanks in general. I wish I could keep all of them un-covered, or as said, convert this to a big indoor pond someday. That would be so neat! :D

Great photos, and you have some really beautiful fish in there! :D

Thanks a lot! :)

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Oh yeah, about the crutches on Vanille, do you still keep the crutches? Or do you throw them out? I feel all nosey right now, so I just want to know :rofl

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Oh yeah, about the crutches on Vanille, do you still keep the crutches? Or do you throw them out? I feel all nosey right now, so I just want to know :rofl

Oh I still have them, just in case. Since they are flexible and can be bent into the desired shape, they can be useful for a lot of things, I guess :D

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