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I finally moved Fern and Numis to the big tank!


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:) they are problably enjoying the space

Yeah, they really are.

That's a very nice tank and some very nice looking fish you got there. At first, I thought it was Java Ferns and Anubias plants you were talking about in the title. Loool.

Thank you so much! lol :rofl

Oh how I love the all white one! Beautiful fishy. :heart

Thanks :)

Aww looks like they don't know what to do with all the space

Thank you, it took them a while to settle in.

They look very happy in their new tank. :)

I felt so glad to move them, they are enjoying it so much.

They are both so very beautiful! :)

Thank you

Your fish are so pretty! :D

Thanks! :)

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I love the orange and white one bc of his orange lips!! :yeah:

Thank you :)

very nice! I am sure they will enjoy their new big tank!

Thank you, I am very happy that they have enough room

How did I miss this? They look great, and so happy!!!!

Thank you, they are quite happy about the move

I'll take the white one off your hands. Very pretty.

First you will have to get past the laser machines and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :P

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