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Frank (The fighting fish)


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While doing an endless amount of reading and researching for the goldfish that I will soon have after my tank cycles, I started thinking about a betta that my Mum had in her house who she's had for about a year and lived in a vase with a hairgrass plant. Although it was a pretty large vase and she was good about cleaning it regularly, it was still a bowl and I started feeling bad for him when ever I went back to visit. About three weeks ago I asked her If she would mind if he came to live with me and she didn't. So he now resides in a 22 litre tank, with a small filter. I have a heater but the weather has been so hot here that I haven't put it in the tank yet. I assume he is about a year and half old. He eats pellets, and is super feisty. :wub: His name is Frank (my genius alliteration) Sorry for the terrible quality pictures, I lent my camera to someone so stuck using my iphone... Also he wouldn't stay still... The light I'm using is a 34 watt desk lamp and so far so good, the plants are getting some new leaves and roots. Also there is usually a lid on the tank but I took it off for the purpose of pictures.











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He is stunning :P and I love his tank it's so green :)

Wow, he's handsome. Good pick!

Very pretty, and love the tank :) What gravel is that?

Aw, Frank looks quite happy :)

Thanks all! :) The substrate is fluval stratum, I was a bit confused about what I was doing but I think it worked out ok.

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Very nice :)

I am also new to betta's and one thing I read was no matter how warm it is, you should always have your heater in and on as you never know when a cool change could come through and the tank temperature could drop. Especially at night. I'm from Australia too and I totally know what you mean about this weather, but I notice my heater has been turning on at night sometimes.

What is the plant you have floating up at the top? I like it :)

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