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Good filter + weekly water changes = how many goldfish?


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I'm finding nitrates difficult to regulate myself. I'm a veteran tropical keeper, first time goldfish tank keeper. I have no problems in the community tank. Goldfish poooooooop a ton. My commons don't seem to mind, but my testing is always higher in nitrates than the tropical. Extremely frequent water changes are helping. But I'm currently overstocked and I wouldn't recommend doing it. It really isn't worth taking the chance .

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Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the great advice. It's all so helpful. And you guys are polite about it!

Before I got into the whole aquarium and goldfish thing I researched as much as possible so I could do this the right way. During research I discovered there are some rude people out there who reply to innocent questions coming from new fish keepers like me. I have seen some good stuff on here so I was hoping I wouldn't run into any of those inconsiderate posters. You guys are definitely very understanding and seem to remember that at some point you were in my shoes: learning.

I have actually been thinking lately that there's no way I am so amazing that I have all my ammonia and nitrates and nitrites in check. I haven't been doing this THAT long. So I'll go get that test kit cause maybe mine is crap! I thought maybe mine weren't working properly so I actually tested it out on my mom's guppy tank and it showed that all her water was waaaay past danger levels (how the guppies are still alive I don't know). So I thought "hey! I must be fantastic and know what I'm doing" haha But I'm beginning to go back to my original thinking that my test kit is crap :P

I'll get this eventually. Thanks shakaho for summarizing. Very helpful.

And again, thanks to all of you! If you have any other advice that you think would be useful for a new goldfish lover then by all means, send them my way :D

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