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The Fish Room!


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I re-scaped my tank and added a big anubias and driftwood (my aquascapers were Dan and Shu ;) ) So I figured I'd share a few pictures!



Giant anubias bataeri, smaller nana, an aponogenton behind it and a crypt.


Amazon and Melon swords, crpyt wendlii (or something like that) And some nana on the rocks.


Corner of the room


Hirohito portrait by Blackie that I still have to frame. The vase will be filled with shells too c:

Thanks for looking!

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Love eet! No problems with Roos getting stuck so far? :P

So far so good!

loving your tank so much these days :) where did you find that giant anubia????also what else is in your fish room?computer/recliner?where do you sit to enjoy your fish??

I got it at my LFS :) Atm nothing really is in my fish room, both upper spare rooms were just redone, so there is a rocking chair in there but not much else! There will eventually be a day/night bed or a couch of some sort when I find one that fits in the room. :)

BEAUTIFUL!!! Let me know how the aponogenton gets along...I'm considering one for my own tank. :) I love how you still have so much free space--I have to redo my own to actually give them some room to swim ;)

I will! It originally took a beating because Ushi likes to eat it but now that it's behind the anubias it can get a bit more time to regrow. Mine grows SUPER fast and they're bulbs so they're pretty durable plants.

Thanks for all the compliments guys!

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