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Found a little spare filter ..

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Ok you guys probably won't find this at all interesting whatsoever but...

I found a t.i.n.y filter and thought I might as well put it to use !

Even though it's really small it still hold quite a lot for its size

I have put a thin layer of sponge first and then filled up with ceramic rings which I think will be quite beneficial . My water has been quite cloudy lately for unknown reason , my water params are fine though and it's not harming my fish just my eyes ahha.

So I might get some carbon to just foe through it but for now it will be extra bbs and it doesn't use up much water space. I'm just exited other this little thing :L

This is the top where the water comes out


And this is it in the tank , plant got in the way


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Nice! Stuff like this is good for - as you said - keeping carbon in if you need to use it. Or just to have a little bit of extra media in case you'd ever need to steal some from your main tank for a QT setup or similar :)

Thanks , yes I thought it would be quite useful !

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