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You need to stop trying to diagnosing these symptoms yourself. That site that you used to look up symptoms is about as bad as it gets.

I am going to ask you one more time to let us help you by following our suggestions.

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The fish have clamped fins. This website says it is ammonia poisoning

It will kill Ebay if I separate them it happen to this fantail here when his tank mate died

And now Panda has red splotches like the Nitrite Poisoning

Well I know your a mod over on that site... and if that site is the information your going to use to diagnose your fish please do... But please dont ask us to keep going on if your not even going to listen to our advice....

We can only help so much.... Im sorry we dont agree with the information you have shown us...

Also we dont allow links to other forums....that are like us...


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Oh sorry. And I don't like that sites philosophy, i just like being a mod. I mean really? Like but tea on your fish. I really dislike it

All I can say right now, is we are offering you advise... and either try and do it or stop asking us to help...

Cant help a person that wont listen.. Im sorry you dont like a site your a mod at and that honestly is strange. But im not here to bash another site. Im here to help people who want to list.

So last time either work with us to help you or stop asking us for help. I got plenty of other people to help.

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