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Pool Fish Videos!


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Heyyyy~~~~ Took some videos of the pool fish for you all!! Enjoy~~!!

This is Orca, one of our huge females:

This is Asher, one of our impressive babies

Cricket trying to get Mr. Kaya:

And again with an orange fish, xD


A couple more coming so check back!!! :heart

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3 questions: How many goldfish do you think are in there? do you have any filtration? How old is the pond?

Around a hundred, we're thinking. Once it warms up a little we're going to net the pool and sell some we don't want and dad's going to take some to his pond at work.

No filtration unfortunately other than when it rains, haha we have the gutters hooked up so they drain into the pool.

We've tried coming up with some sort of filtration system, but something that could filter the whole thing would cost way too much and to rig up something small wouldn't really make a significant difference for the amount of water there is (it's a 15x30 pool that goes to over 8 feet in the deep end). That being said, we're going to buy a ton of plants and put up some rain barrels on the other gutters so that we have extra water to put in if needed this summer, :) Alsoooo, we've tested the water many times and the parameters stay perfect! :D

The pool is at least 20 years old. It's actually just a concrete basin in the ground because somebody ripped the liner out some time before we moved in.


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Thanks for the info!! So many fish!! How are you going to decide who to keep?! If I only lived on the east coast....

We have some really, really impressive ones with blue skin and yellow fins and some really awesome calicos with koi like fins that we're going to keep. Pretty much anyone with a common tail and the excessive amount of plain orange comets will go, =) We're keeping all the sakura ones as well, can't wait to get more of those.

Thanks for looking, everyone!! :heart

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