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Sasha update

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Holy cow he looks happy and fat! Great job Laura! :D Beautiful photo as well.

Hee hee! I totally didn't notice he filled out until everyone here pointed it out! :P Must be because I see him every day! Thanks very much hun :heart !!!

:o he's growing so nicely! It's been such a long time since I've seen him, and I'm glad I did, before I went to sleep! :):hug

:D Thank you!!! :hug I'm quite happy with his progress! I'm sorry it took me so long to post! It's been a hectic day today! Phew!

Reminds me of the Ryukin I had years ago with same coloration. Cute!

Thank you! :thumb: Ryukins rock!

You can tell he's grown in belly just from your siggy pic :goodjob

Oh my goodness! You totally can see he has! :P I'm hoping a nice looking hump on his back will be the next thing to fill out! :teehee:heart

Woah! Look at his tummy! ;) he's sooooooo adorable. He looks very healthy and shiny!

Thank you so much! :D:heart It must be all the pro gold and repashy :Scoff: I'm starting to think they might be super foods! Funny thing is I didn't have Bentley long enough to see a difference, but with Mango, I just plain didn't notice at all if he actually filled out any either. :lol I'm not very observant it seems!!

He looks so healthy and una was right he has grown a lot :P

:D So happy! I'm just glad aside from swallowing air all day Sasha is doing fine :) He's gotten this wonderful little personality too. He's all bold now and nips at everything that gets put in the tank :rofl I found some teeth in the tank today too!

He is gorgeous! :)

Aww thank you very much! :heart

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Gosh I just love his coloration, he is such a handsome fish! :wub:

Thank you kindly hun!! :heart:D

Aww yay, I'm happy he's looking so good. That coloration is amazing, so vivid!

I am too! I'm pretty sure the colouration is from the Saki Hikari he used to be fed before I got him. :P:heart

Absolutely stunning he's looking great

Thank you so much!! :D:heart

He is just soooo handsome and he has definitely grown! :heart

Awww thanks Lisa :):heart I seriously hardly noticed... I should weigh him again soon!

That is really great coloration :thumb: Do you feed him with any special food? I wish my white-red Oranda to have such a beautifulcoloration.

Thank you very much! :) I think it might have been where he came from, the fish there got fed Saki Hikari. I however feed him a mixture of soilent green, pro gold and mixed fresh veggies!! :teehee:thumb:

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He is looking great! He's from the Fish Sempai isn't he? I'm getting my ranchus from him when my tank is finally cycled!

Thank you! Yes he is :) I live 20 minutes away from the fish sempai farm so I drove on over and got to pick this lovely boy out :)

Yay, Sasha! More pictures pleeeaaase! :D

Whoo hoo! :) Will do Jennie! A photoshoot is coming up in a couple days! :)

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20 minutes! You are sooo lucky. I will have to have mine shipped ;):idea Maybe I should have you go pick them out for me!(just kidding!) Actually Andrew's a really neat guy and will make up a video for me to choose from so I'm happy with that.

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