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Aww- cute fishies. :heart

Thanks! :D

Aww how cute :) lovin the bubble eye an the tele with the Poms

Thank you! Those are my two girls. :)

Do u have any wide pix? What's the dimensions of the 135?

I don't have a full tank shot yet. The dimensions are 6' long by 2' tall by 18" wide.

Oh wow, they are adorable! I'm almost willing to get a bubble eye now :D

Do it!!! We need more bubble eyes around here. :D

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I just love your tank, and how diverse it is. They are gorgeous, and especially two of my favorites that I do not keep, the pom pom and the bubble eye! :)

Thanks Alex! :D I'll have to try to get a better video of my pom pom, she was being shy in this one. I plan to round out my tank roster with 2 ranchus and a pearlscale. :)

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I bet you can guess which one is my favorite ;)

I love the variety in your tank! They look great. So many colors!

Haha, I posted it because I knew you wanted to see her. :) Thanks!

Very nice!

Thank you!

looking good ;)


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