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Fantail/Veiltail cross?


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What is my little Nemo? :) I looooove his tail. XD

You can see his gimpy fin that gave him his name pretty good here. It grows out from his gill area. :D The other side is lower on his body and much bigger of a fin. :P


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He's not a veiltail as veiltail's tail (that's a lot of tails!) does not have a fork in it. Veiltail isn't a breed on its own, just a type of tail.

He could be a ribbontail but it's a little hard to tell from the pic. A ribbontail's tail is as long or longer than its body from "nose" to peduncle. :D

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I never heard of ribbontail..... Always thought fantail and veiltail are the same. I don't see the point of many names and name changings all the time. Its so confusing. :-(

How rare is it for the side fins to grow out of their gills?

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There are quite a few naming systems for goldfish that I know of:

body types

eye types

tail types

scale and colouring

Japanese breed names

Chinese breed names

All of these are used and sometimes used to define one another. It can be confusing but it's how breed standards have been set to define what breed and characteristics are for each type :)

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