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Happy Anniversary Bing!


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Hello! Somehow I've managed to keep Bing alive for a year! After we moved here to Madison with our comet Mr. Swim, Swim (my daughter named him), we decided to get him a friend and found Bing. A few months later we lost Mr. Swim Swim but saved Bing after joining Koko's :)

He has really changed in the last year. I would guess him to be around 18mo now as he was a medium fish when we got him at Petsmart. He has turned into a beautiful fantail with interesting features.

Thanks for looking :)

Last May, no hump etc


Last summer while cycling with fish!


Yesterday, lots of bright colors, hump and even a small wen


All in a row:



With his buddies


Definitely the boss of the tank



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Congratulations!! His color has really improved. All of your fish are beautiful. :)

Thank you, I do love the orange streaks on his tail and fins that have developed.

Congrats! Bing has really grown into a gorgeous boy. :heart

Thanks Chelsea :)

He has grown so much! Congratulations! :D They are all gorgeous

Thanks, he has competition from the calico, Arwin for beauty now ;)

There they are! The lost Three Amigos, discovered!!!

Funny :P

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Bing really developed into a gorgeous goldfish :)

Thanks! :D

Bing is truly a handsome fella. Good job!

Thanks, I've had lots of help from people here!

WOW we got big :o

He did get big! When I got Bilbo last July they were very close to the same size, he was a little bigger but not alot, now he is way bigger then her even though she's gotten quite a bit longer herself.

Congrats stunning fish :)


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He is such a stud! You are really great with them Cindi. :)

This made me laugh!! Good thing only girls are in there with him then.

Aw. What nice growth! :Congrats:

Thanks! He probably wouldn't have made it through his first year without you and everyone on this site :)

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He sure has improved, but all of them look great! :)

Thanks, I think Arwin will be really beautiful as she gets bigger.

Really nice tank set up and I LOVE BING! :happydance

Thanks :wub:

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This is such a great of example of what good care can do for a fish. He looks fantastic!

:thanks If the amount of time I spent worrying about these guys translated into growth he'd be a monster fish. lol

Hope your ankle is getting better and your getting around better!

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