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Ghost shrimp! Help!

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The ghost shrimp from Petsmart, etc are TOTALLY freshwater, and don't need salt at all to molt or breed. They aren't prolific breeders, though, like cherry shrimp. They can handle a little salt, though, if needed for a tank with ich, etc.

Your guppy, on the other hand, IS a fish that can handle fully brackish water, and they usually do better with a little salt in their water. What happens with him & salt? What are the water parameters of your tank? Guppies, plattys, mollies, and swordtails are all fish that can be kept freshwater, brackish, and in some cases, even be acclimated to full saltwater tanks, and generally do better with a lightly salted tank.

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Huh... that is very weird.

My other guppy,(before her) could handle any salt with no problems but she can't for some odd reason.

They're all individual! The live bearers are also all bred in freshwater, too- at least the ones in the LFS. Maybe she just lost the gene for salt, from many generations of freshwater bred fish. Hard to say. :)

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