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Metro-meds, pretty please?


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A couple of my fish just started getting dropsy and I'm certain it's from over-crowded, over-feeding, and a bacterial problem for a faulty filter. I'm trying to remedy the situation with a few of them in a QT bucket with 80F and salt. Giant water changes with the main tank. Finally brought all the levels to 0. It was the phosphates that were through the roof.

Anywho... I don't have any metro-meds or know where to get them. Can somebody please help me out. I'm willing to offer a trade of a few fish, perhaps the black moors which I have two of, though one changed almost entirely to gold in color. That's if your in the Portland, Oregon area.

I could also send you a few bucks or massive karma points your way :)

Thanks in advance!!!

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Ah well now I know where to get them. Thanks guyss!

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