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Free Ryukins to good home, Portland Oregon region


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I have a small calico ryukin that has just started getting dropsy and has a boyancy problem. She has spawned hundreds of eggs in the last year which has stunted her growth. The males LOVE her. ;)

I also have a gorgeos white & orange ryukin female, double in size and a lot healthier. Hasn't spawned all that many eggs, comparatively speaking. They are both the same age, about 2 years old.

I'm really needing to downgrade my stock since I'm way overstocked, yes, m'bad. Eventually I'll be traveling a lot and may need to stop keeping fish entirely.

The sooner you can pick them up the better!

There is also a free baby!!! It's about 6 months old. Crossbred between a ryukin and a shubunkin. Single tailed. Genetics defaulted to wild green/silver colors. A great looking tail however a slightly deformed mouth and is still quite small.

Late afternoons/evening/weekend work best for me. Please message me soon. I don't typically trust craigslist people to take care of animals so I hope someone here at Koko's can step up.


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