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A week I'll never forget. (Pictures)

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Donating all four of my lovely Commons to my local Chinese Buffet pond in one week. I sure didn't see that one coming.

The same woman at the checkout didn't mind getting a late donation though. This time I asked if I could take pictures. She graciouly allowed me to do so. :)

I am happy to have just one Goldfish tank in my room. The flow of the water is sometimes relaxing, but the loud humming from my 10 gallon gets irritating. I retired the 10 gallon to the basement and put my Black Moor in her new 20 gallon. She seems very happy and I found a new name for her.

I also gave my Black Moor a name. Her name is Tuyet, which ironically means "snow white" in Vietnamese. That's alright though, I like the way it sounds.(Too-yet I think...) Besides, my name means "Graceful" and let's just say it doesn't really fit me.

Some of you wanted some pictures and I have some here. Enjoy...

Here's some pictures of my Commons that I donated.





Their new home. (Don't mind how 'dirty' it might look. They were cleaning it that day)




This is usually where the fish like to hide most of the time.


Tuyet in her new home!




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Tuyet looks really cute in her new home! C: If you do happen to get another fish, name it Mua. :rofl I'm sure you know, but it means Rain. The precipitation duo. :rofl

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Tuyet is extremely pretty! And the fishies you've donated: They're just awesome! Look at the flowing tail! I must say that you are a very successful and caring fish lover! :)

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